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Programme of study

We embark upon a three year course of study to cover National Curriculum Art and Design at Key Stage 3. Work is topic based and always involves looking at art work from various times, periods and cultures. We ensure that students see original works as well as reproductions of works. First-hand experience is vital and students draw from observation in a variety of media. Artists-in-Residence work with students whenever possible. Links with
other curriculum areas are fostered where appropriate.

The students keep an A4 sketch book to investigate, to draw, to record information, to develop ideas and to evaluate work. From this research students will develop into larger scale pieces of coursework in a variety of media in both 2 and 3 dimensions. Students produce individual work and at times they work in pairs or as a group. Finished work is evaluated and students decide where improvements can be made in future pieces. Work is displayed in the Art rooms and in a variety of venues around the school to celebrate topics covered.

Art is developing cross curricular links with RE and History. At the end of Year 7 students will have produced a variety of work in a variety of media in response to various projects exploring the formal elements line, tone, colour, form, texture etc.


  • Ensure that students have a 2B pencil and other basic items of equipment.
  • Encourage students to draw at home.
  • Encourage students to read books and magazines, use computer programmes and the Internet on Art.
  • Ensure students attempt and hand in homework every week.
  • Encourage students to visit Art exhibitions.