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This broad based course is designed to appeal to those students who wish to explore Art across a range of different activities in both two and three dimensions.

The students will develop an understanding of Art, Craft and Design through the practical activities of making and investigating and through evaluating the work of artists, craftspersons and designers from different periods, cultures and traditions.

Students will work on a variety of activities and media during the course

  • Acrylic painting on canvas
  • Collage and surface texture
  • Mixed media assemblage work
  • 3-Dimensional studies

The students will discover (through visits to exhibitions) historical and contemporary references which will enable them to develop an awareness of, and express informed opinions about, current Art, Craft and Design trends.


  • Show a personal and imaginative response to a starting point or theme.
  • Interpret ideas, images and feelings using a variety of media and methods, including recording
    from experience and observation.
  • Complete pieces of work from start to finish, modifying and refining your work as it progresses.
  • Discuss and write about the meaning behind your own work and that of others and the ability
    to use an appropriate vocabulary in explaining your opinions and preferences.
  • Explore a range of possibilities (making process) to carry out your ideas in both two and three
  • Show an understanding and application of line, form, tone, colour, pattern, shape and texture.
    (the formal elements of Art
  • Appreciate the unique qualities of artwork from different times and cultures, making connections
    with your own work.

Plus visits to places of interest: all students will keep a record of these in their sketchbooks, as evidence of appreciation and response. All photographic material copied from must be retained and made available to anyone assessing work. Sketchbooks and study files must be kept and necessary equipment for work to be carried out successfully at home.