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Most suitable for students who achieve Level 6 in English & Maths.

Applied Business will enable you to develop knowledge and understanding of business through the investigation of a range of business organisations. This will help prepare you for employment, further education and training.

You will learn:

How to enquire, critical approach and distinguish facts & opinions, to build
arguments and make informed judgements.

  • To apply your knowledge and understanding to national and global business issues
  • How the changing use of ICT has influenced and affected business and economic activities.
  • To be an independent learner with a reflective and enquiring mind
  • Skills to help you understand current events and this will provide you with a
    basis for your future role as an active citizen.
  • Analyse and describe business problems and to write detailed summaries of those
    business problems


The course consists of seven themed topics: Business Start-Up; Production; Finance; Marketing; Managing People; Business Growth
and Business Plan.

Business Start-Up

  • Investigate why and how businesses start up
  • Understand the different type of business organisations
  • Research the advantages and disadvantages of different types of business ownership
  • Investigate the main types of production
  • Investigate changing trends across the types of production
  • Investigate the impact of technology on production
  • Sources of internal and external finance
  • Cash flow forecasts
  • Stock turnover and percentage profit
  • Break-even point Marketing
  • Understand the different methods of market research
  • Investigate demand for products or service
  • Develop knowledge and understanding of business competitors
  • Understand the marketing mix
  • Managing People
  • Create job descriptions and person specifications
  • Identify and describe the main method of recruitment
  • Understand current laws and legislation
  • Investigate methods of motivation
  • Business Growth & Planning
  • Investigate signs of success or failure
  • Evaluate methods of business growth
  • Construct a business plan
  • Assessment is two 1 hour examinations worth a total of 75% of the marks plus one controlled assessment 25%