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Cansfield has well established links with all of its feeder primary schools. These links have been further strengthened as a result of our status as a specialist language college. Since 2002 we have worked with our feeder primary schools to deliver language learning to students throughout Key Stage 2. This support has mainly been for French but we have also delivered German and Spanish lessons. These are some of the ways that we have supported language learning in Key Stage 2. 

  • Weekly French lessons delivered for Years 3,4,5 and 6 delivered by a teacher from Cansfield.
  • Training and support for teachers in primary schools to enable them to deliver elements of the language teaching
  • Support for enrichments activities. E.g Japanese masterclasses
  • Gifted and Talented support
  • Loaning of specialist equipment Funding of special events eg. European café

Students following the KS2 Cansfield scheme of work learn how to become confident when speaking and listening in French. They use puppets, masks and cuddly toys to deliver role plays and use songs and rhymes to help them to remember key vocabulary. Teachers use French storybooks and Big books in the classroom and numeracy skills are developed when learning French numbers. Students in the primary schools receive rewards such as ‘linguist of the week’ and new rewards for effort and achievement. Students will be presented with a ‘star of the week’ trophy or Cansfield the bear.

Y5 Drama Event