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Programme of study

The major aim of the Design and Technology Department is to develop a wide range of courses which students will find interesting and provide and appropriate vehicle for learning valuable skills. Students have two lessons a week and are given the opportunity to solve problems using simple design and make tasks. This allows creative, imaginative thinking where they can apply knowledge from other curriculum areas as well as from their own personal experiences.

The emphasis for these tasks is on the practical work allowing a student to experience using a wide range of materials.

In addition to this our Year 7 pupils will take part in cross curricular projects with Science, PE and Geography.

In Year 7, all students will study and produce:

  • Graphic Products– Images and computer graphics to produce packaging for their tangram puzzle.
  • Food Technology– Healthy Eating Food
  • Textiles Technology– Block pattern to produce a wall hanging
  • Resistant Materials (wood and plastics)- Tangram Puzzle
  • Electronics– basic electronics to produce a steady hand game.

Students will learn how to use their designing skills, which will involve analysing, and researching problems. Students are encouraged to provide a number of ideas that could solve the problem before selecting and making their best design. Their practical work is tested and evaluated to see how well it has provided a solution to the original problem.

These valuable skills are developed during Key Stage 3 as preparation for a GCSE course in any of the 4 D&T areas. Students are encouraged to use computers in parts of their D&T courses for both word processing and
as an aid to designing.


  • Discussing the homeworks that support the classwork.
  • Encourage them to watch technology programmes on TV.
  • Tell them about any relevant articles you have read in magazines or newspapers.
  • Let your child help at home with any relevant work and make them aware of any safety
  • Help ensure your child is prepared for their D&T lessons, ingredients, pen, pencil etc.
  • Any problems with a given recipe can be easily solved by the student speaking to the
  • Encourage the use of a computer for design work.