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The aim of the drama department is to develop the students’ knowledge of both the world around them and develop their skill in drama. Personal and social skills are improved and encouraged through interesting topics.

Programme of study

Drama in Year 7 runs on a carousel for 16 weeks of the year. Students will explore a range of topics for example detectives and Greek theatre. Each topic includes all basic drama skills; freeze frame, blocking, spoken thoughts, role
play and improvisation. The department works very closely with target levels and aims to ensure the students know of them and know how to improve their own attainment by using them.

Drama is taught to Year 9 at which point the children are given the opportunity to continue this study into a GCSE. All pupils are welcome to audition for our annual school production, which is usually performed in November.


  • Listen and question topics taught and discuss their children’s opinion of these.
  • Encourage them to participate in any extra curricular workshops, shows or events.
  • Support at events is always very welcome.