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Cansfield e-systems policy

WSCB has developed a safety strategy to address the needs of children and young
people in Wigan in relation to safe use of the internet.This is based on the following six agreed priorities.

1. Raise awareness and understanding of e-safety issues amongst children and young
2. Raise awareness and understanding of e-safety issues amongst parents and carers.
3. Raise awareness and understanding of e-safety issues across all member agencies.
4. Enable all member agencies to respond appropriately to incidents as well as to
respond to risks posed to children and young people by their increased use of ICT.
5. Improve safe access to the internet for children and young people.
6. Monitor e-safety arrangements and incidents in the borough.

IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to use a school computer for any of the following whether at home or on school premises.

Accessing, displaying, downloading or printing of any offensive, obscene, pornographic or     indecent images, data or other media files.
Accessing social networking, file sharing and similar sites.
Accessing personal online accounts.
Participating in chain letters or registering in chat rooms.
Posting information that may disparage, harass or cause offence to others on the basis of gender, race,age, disability, religion, sexual orientation, political affiliation or national origin.
Publishing statements that are defamatory or information that is false or misleading concerning the
Publishing confidential or proprietary information of the school on unsecured Internet sites such as Bulletin Boards or disseminating such information that might compromise its confidentiality.
Downloading, using or distributing software or executable programs from the Internet
The transmission or downloading of anything other than copyright free material,
including media files.
Use of the Internet in any way which may bring the school into disrepute.