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Programme of study

Central to all effective teaching and learning in our English Department is that each student’s contribution is a valued contribution. The programme of study in Year 7 – 9 will enable every child to experience a range of writing from different cultures, authors and styles in an environment that positively encourages a variety of opinions and interpretations. Evidently English at Cansfield allows children to explore serious and diverse issues alongside the texts we read for entertainment.

A sample of this variety includes:


  • Discursive writing to examine topical issues.
  • A look at our literary heritage through the study of myths and legend.
  • Reading the media: how is our news produced?
  • In year 7, pupils make cross curricular links in History and Geography.


  • Detective fiction: analysing the author’s style
  • The social and historical context of Shakespeare plays.
  • Writing for a variety of purpose and audiences.
  • In year 8, pupils make cross curricular links with History and Drama.


  • Exploring the culture and traditions of China.
  • Studying a challenging novel by a modern writer.
  • Analysing and creating poetry.
  • In year 9, pupils make cross curricular links with Drama.

Throughout Key Stage Three pupils have two English books to encourage independent learning, creativity and ensure the process of drafting is effective.

A. English Preparation Book - Notes, planning, preparation homeworks.
B. English Formal Book - Classwork, formal assessments, formal homeworks.


  • Enhance their reading: all reading is good reading. Non fiction texts such as news articles allow children to broaden their formal vocabulary whilst their choice of fiction will allow them to be imaginative. Pupils will be expected to read at home.
  • Be a proof reader. Many children find it difficult to spot their own mistakes. Your support will enable them to develop this complex skill.
  • Encourage your child to be organised and responsible. Checking the completion of work will help to enforce the importance of individual learning.
  • Share your child’s achievements. As teachers we take pride in our teaching environment by displaying outstanding work. We hope that students will do the same by taking time to present their work carefully.