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Programme of study

Year 7

In Year 7 students will be taught to identify and locate features on maps (at a range of scales) using a number of skills and techniques. Students will be taught about the physical and human features of various parts of the UK Europe and wider world.

Year 8

In Year 8 students will tackle a number of environmental issues Including climate change, deforestation and flooding. Students will Use a lot of case studies to help them investigate these issues.

Year 9

In Year 9 students will be introduced to the global problem of ‘Poverty’. Students will have the opportunity to explore where the poorest countries are, why there is a wealth divide and how we can solve poverty sustainably. The students will study the countries within the continent of Africa.

Cross Curricular Links:

  • English - Links have been established with English to develop literacy.
  • Languages - Links have been established with Languages, to develop knowledge of European
  • Mathematics - Links have been established with Mathematics, to develop numeracy (focus on Carbon
  • Science - Links have been established with Science, to develop understanding of the interaction between
    human and physical processes.
  • Art - Links have been established with art, to develop cultural awareness.


  • Have an atlas available in the house.
  • Have a computer and internet (long term).
  • Watch the ‘Discovery’ channel and news bulletins for additional research.
  • Have coloured pencils for map skills work.
  • Watch holiday programmes; they are living Geography.
  • Travel broadens the mind and is a valuable experience.