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Cansfield welcomes Year 5 to our

Global Awareness Day - 24th April 2013

On 24th April 2013 Year 5 students from our local Primary Schools spent the day at Cansfield and took part in a variety of activities based upon the theme of Global Awareness and Fairtrade.  The workshops looked at different aspects of Fairtrade and were led by Mr Dickinson who made African Tea Trade Bookmarks, Mrs Ward who held a touch, smell and taste Fairtrade products workshop and Miss Lamb who made Fairtrade Banana Muffins.  Students then enjoyed lunch in the Dining Hall.  All students received a certificate as recognition of their participation in addition to an atlas and a  Fairtrade chocolate bar.  An overall winner from each workshop also won a certificate and a chocolate bar.

At the end of the day the students watched a powerpoint presentation in the theatre which included photographs of themselves participating in the day’s activities.