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This course has been designed to build on work undertaken at Key Stage 3 in History and for those pupils who want to continue to study History in Years 10 & 11, but are unlikely to achieve a GCSE in the subject. This entry level certificate provides an appropriate qualification for pupils as it gives them points that may be required to gain entry on to college courses. The course has been developed with reference to National Curriculum Attainment Targets in History and to the GCSE subject criteria to History.

The main areas of study are:

  • The First World War
  • Germany 1919 - 1945: Hitler and the Nazi Party
  • Life in the USA during the 1920’s: Prohibition, Al Capone, Hollywood
  • Second World War: Britain at War - Turning Points
  • Britain during the Second World War - The Home Front
  • The Cold War: The Berlin Blockade and its aftermath
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
  • The effects of the Vietnam War


  • There will be an opportunity for a range of varied activities such as group work, discussion and
    debates, individual research, source work, videos and dvd’s.
  • Candidates should submit assignments for each of the four Units selected for submission.
  • These must be undertaken in conditions under which the teacher can authenticate that they are
    the candidates own work. Assignments, once submitted for assessment, cannot be re-drafted,
    although candidates may attempt a different assignment for that Unit.
  • At the end of the course candidates must submit a folder of work containing evidence of their assignments.