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Programme of study

At Cansfield we follow the Key Stage 3 National Strategy. This scheme is designed with two key aims:

  • To allow students the opportunity to develop skills using a variety of software that will help them
    with their studies and future careers.
  • To provide access to the National Curriculum entitlement in ICT.

What does this mean for students at Cansfield?

Through the Key Stage 3 strategy our students will become increasingly independent, discerning users of ICT.

They will:-

  • Develop an ability to judge when and how to use ICT.
  • Be able to make judgments about the quality and reliability of the products they have developed.
  • Engage in increasingly complex tasks with a clear focus, efficiency and rigor.

There are a number of key concepts that underpin the study of ICT. Pupils at Cansfield will understand these concepts in order to deepen and broaden their knowledge, skills and understanding.


  • Using a range of ICT tools in a purposeful way to solve problems and create ideas.
  • Exploring and using new ICT tools as they become available.
  • Applying ICT learning in a range of contexts including work and life.


  • Exploring ways that ICT can be used to communicate, collaborate and share ideas on a global


  • Solving problems creatively using ICT
  • Use ICT to model different scenarios, identifying patterns and testing hypotheses.
  • Exploring how technology changes the way we live our lives and has social, ethical and cultural
  • Recognise issues of risk and safety.


  • Recognise that information must not be taken at face value and reflecting critically on what others produce using ICT. WAYS IN WHICH FAMILIES CAN HELP
  • Encourage children to use computers at home as often as possible that does not involve playing
  • Encourage use of the computers in the Learning Resource Centre.
  • Help the children to access information sources such as the Internet.
  • Reinforce that research carried out on the Internet is not always reliable and without bias Work with children to navigate sites to find specific information