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You will work through a variety of tasks and projects in year 10 which cover all the skills necessary to complete the controlled assessment and written exam.

You will gain a knowledge and understanding of:

  • A range of drawing techniques including technical drawing and rendering techniques
  • The stages of the design process and how to produce comprehensive work

For the controlled assessment

  • The history of design and the work of famous designers
  • The manufacturing industry and commercial processes
  • Quality control and quality assurance
  • Environmental, social, cultural and moral issues
  • Computer aided design (Image creation and manipulation)
  • Computer aided manufacture (Rowland CAMMI)
  • How to import images into your graphics from different sources (camera, scanner etc)
  • Health and Safety issues
  • How to work successfully as a team
  • A range of model making materials and equipment
  • Smart materials and their applications


Course Components:

Controlled Assessment = 60% Terminal Examination = 40%

Year 10 Course Details

Throughout Year 10 students will complete a range of topics/projects which will teach them subject specific skills and knowledge
necessary for the assessed elements of the course. Students will be taught how to design and make quality products. Towards the
end of Year 10 students will be issued with a controlled assessment question, which they will start at Easter time.

Year 11 Course Details

Controlled Assessment = 60%

The evidence required for the controlled assessment consists of practical work and a concise design folder, including the
appropriate ICT, CAD CAM and evidence of considering quality control and quality assurance.

The assessment criteria includes:

  • Investigating the design context
  • Development of Design Proposals (including prototypes and models)
  • Making
  • Testing and Evaluating
  • Communication

The deadline for the Controlled Assessment will be in the March of Year 11

Terminal Examination = 40%

Students will sit a two hour examination which will test their knowledge of:

  • Materials and Components
  • Design and Market Influences
  • Social, moral, cultural and economic factors
  • Health and Safety issues
  • Processes and Manufacture

Students will be issued with a preparation sheet at the beginning of March, prior to their examination. This will give the context for the questions in Section A of the paper. Section B will contain general subject specific questions.