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Programme of study

The Modern Foreign Languages team at Cansfield aims to develop in students the ability, the desire and the confidence to communicate in the target language and to foster in students positive attitudes towards the people and the countries of the languages studied.

All students learn French in Year 7 in their mixed ability form groups building upon their Primary French experience. From 2010 all students in Year 8 will embark upon a GCSE course or equivalent and will take their first language GCSE at the end of Year 9.

Students in Years 8 and 9 also study German for two lessons a week. Students also have a six week taster course of beginners Spanish in Year 7

Students develop skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing and study a number of topics including Personal Information, Holidays and Hobbies. Teachers employ a variety of learning and teaching strategies and activities in class are varied and lively. We believe students learn best when lessons are both challenging and fun. We are also very fortunate to have a German Foreign Language Assistant who works with students to develop their confidence and pronunciation when speaking the language.

We have a wide range of teaching resources including software packages, CD players and an interactive whiteboard in each classroom. The Language College Centre is equipped with wireless laptops for students to use.
The department has a long established partnership with a school in Germany with links such as the exchange of Christmas and Easter boxes, an email exchange and the opportunity for our students to complete their Work Experience in Germany. Students have the opportunity to join a wide range of lunchtime clubs, including Lap top club, Spanish club, Beginners’ Chinese, and Latin amongst others. Students also enjoy Language College Arts Days which offer them the chance to engage in a whole variety of creative activities. We have run a successful trip to the Rhineland for KS3 and KS4 students and also, closer to home, we visit the
European Christmas Markets in Manchester.

Currently in Years Ten and Eleven all students choose to study either German or French to GCSE level. Students can also opt to take Spanish GCSE as a third language, either within the school day or as an extra-curricular course.

From 2012 students in Year Ten, who have already completed an external qualification in French, will opt to study either German or Spanish at GCSE or equivalent. All students will therefore leave Cansfield with at least two Modern Language qualifications.

There are a number of awards available in languages ranging from stickers and bookmarks to certificates and Linguist of the Week award. This award is presented by the class teacher and students receive a flag badge to wear, a sticker for their planner, and a certificate.


  • Equip children with French and German dictionaries. (We recommend the Collins Easy Learning Dictionary).
  • Praise their efforts to speak in a foreign language.
  • Encourage your children to teach you new words or phrases they have learned.
  • Connect them to language learning websites such as, (passwords will be
    given in class), and
  • Help your children with revision of vocabulary. All students have a vocabulary book each year for each
    language. Encourage them to use the Read, Cover, Write, Check method and test them at home.
  • Encourage your child to aim for a ‘Linguist of the Week Award’.