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Programme of study

The Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education curriculum has two strands to it: personal wellbeing and economic wellbeing. The overarching aim of PSHE is therefore personal development. Students are encouraged
to make informed choices, stay safe and healthy, build positive self-esteem and confidence. They will discuss social and moral dilemmas and recognise, assess and manage risk.

We will also look at career choices, managing money, and taking sensible decisions as consumers.
PSHE will build upon work done in primary school dealing with the Social and Emotional Aspects of Learning (SEAL). This work will continue at Cansfield.

Drug, alcohol and tobacco education, and sex and relationship education also form part of the PSHE curriculum.

We want students to be actively involved in their learning and so there are many opportunities for role plays simulations and discussions.

Year seven activities include settling into a new school, making new friends, team building and conflict resolution. There are strong links with the work done in Drama and P.E.


  • Watch TV with your child and discuss the dilemmas faced by character in dramas or soap operas.
  • Encourage good financial habits such as saving.