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Peer Support

A Peer Supporter is a role model, who people can look up to for advice help and support. Peer Supporters are specially trained to listen to pupils who are having problems and to help them find a solution; everyone's friend.

Every Year 7 form has a dedicated Peer Supporter who is with them at least once a week. In this time the Peer Supporters are there to talk or to assist with homework, organisation and even to provide activities. Some forms are currently making scrap books of their first year at Cansfield whilst others have made time capsules which they can open in Year 11 before the Leavers' Dinner.

The Peer Supporters have helped so many students in their forms and also in the charity events and clubs they run including: Lunch club, Hot Chocolate club, Speed Stacking and Ladies Lunch club. We also have a problem box which is very popular with lower school.

Students can bring their normal pack lunch or they can bring something to cook. Students have already been cooking some great foods including pasta’s, cakes, pizzas, and egg on toast! This is helping students develop friendships and excel in their cooking skills. Every child at Cansfield has the opportunity to come to us whenever they like. All of our Peer Supporters are specially trained to deal with situations that they face in this role and undertake refresher courses to keep their prestigious titles.

Our Charity this year is 'Concern'. We will be running events all year for this worthwhile course. Peer Support recruit new Peer Supporters every year, many of whom go on to be in the School Council and Year Council. Current or prospective students can e mail us at for advise or more information.