In This Section

Programme of study

All students in Year 7 and 8 study the Wigan Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education. In most cases classes
are form based but occasionally students will come as a “set” based on results in
English or Maths.

High value is placed on:

  • A willingness to share views and opinions
  • Participation in discussion group activities and role play
  • An open minded approach to the faith of others
  • Achieving the target levels set for each individual student

The following topics are covered in Year 7:

  1. Key Concepts in RE (appreciating others, community, religious signs etc.)
  2. How and why Christians read the Bible
  3. How and why Christians pray
  4. What it means to belong to the Jewish religion
  5. An introduction to Sikhism; What it means to be a Sikh

The following topics are covered in Year 8:

  1. What it means to be a Muslim
  2. The life of Jesus
  3. The teachings of Jesus
  4. Christian beliefs
  5. An introduction to Hinduism; Life as a Hindu

The following topics are covered in Year 9:

  1. The life of the Buddha
  2. The eightfold Path
  3. Buddhist beliefs and teachings

Cross Curricular Themes in RE

  • Year 7 RE / Art - “Chagall & Judaism”
  • RE / Maths - Number systems, Muslim geometric patterns & lines of symmetry
  • Year 8 RE / History - Martin Luther King
  • Year 9 RE / Music - Mardi Gras


  • Trips, days out or holidays which could include a visit to a religious building would be wonderful.
  • Discussing issues of news or topical interest which include asking your child “why?” is something
    students will greatly benefit from.
  • Relating family experiences of religion be it Weddings, Christenings or other services is also valuable even if the experience was not always a positive one!