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December 2012

 Dear Parents

In the event of heavy snow this winter

If at all possible we will be open and we will aim to remain open despite any snow. On the first day of heavy snow we will all have to accept that only parts of the site can be made safe whilst other parts of the site will remain untreated. Clear pathways will be secured from Cansfield Grove (entrance by English) to the school building and from the main building to Technology, Music, Science and the Dining Room. Students should only use the treated pathways and it is our advice to remain in the building as much as possible throughout the day. The corridors will be made dry throughout the day, but parts may be wet at times, and all should take note of the signs displayed.

However, if on the first day of snow the amount is so heavy and/or the roads and transport system so disrupted, then we will post by 8 a.m. the arrangements for that first day and by 3 p.m. thereafter the arrangements for the following day(s) - all on the school website - click on ‘The Bulletin’. If we are closed due to the weather, work for all students will be posted on the website to be done at home - again click on the Bulletin for details for each year group.

If as parents you are concerned about the safety of the journey to and from school or indeed the arrangements for the site as described above and choose not to send your child to school then that absence will be treated sympathetically. It will have to be recorded as an absence but it will not harm any qualification for a reward, tie or the prefect system. It will be treated as an absence with special circumstances.

When opened during this period sensible footwear is advised and acceptable and preferably a change of footwear for the building to keep it as safe and dry as possible. Students will be allowed a mobile phone in order to keep you informed of any changes to arrangements that may be necessary as the day(s) progress.

Who knows, maybe none of these arrangements will be needed this year but as always, thanks for your understanding.  A copy of this letter, for future reference, will be posted on our website and remain there for the duration of the winter months.