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Language College

Cansfield became a Specialist Language College in September 2002 and has benefited from nearly £1 million of additional funding during this time as a result of this status. 

The funding allows us to provide excellent facilities for language learning and to continue to expand the range of languages that we can offer our students. We currently offer our students the opportunity to learn French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese. 

As a language college we also aim to create an ethos based on cultural understanding and prepare our students to be global citizens. 

Specialist Language colleges work with other schools in their local area and we have an excellent reputation within Wigan local authority for language learning provision. Our teachers lead training at local, regional and national level and showcase innovative methods to make language learning engaging and accessible to all. 

Students at Cansfield benefit from a rich variety of enrichment activities. A small selection is listed below.

  • Language College Arts Days – linking language with arts and developing positive approaches to global citizenship
  • German trip to Christmas markets in Cologne
  • Visits to local universities to experience language learning at this level
  • French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Japanese clubs
  • Comenius project – linking with schools in many countries and then working together on joint projects

Training School

Cansfield became a High Performing Specialist School (HPSS) in April 2007. We were awarded the status as a result of our excellent results at GCSE level. This is a prestigious accolade of which we are very proud. With the HPSS status came the opportunity to choose a second specialism and further funding of £60,000. We chose to become a training school. 

This prestigious award demonstrates our positive culture of professional development for all our staff and the school's commitment to sharing our experience with colleagues from other institutions. Similarly, it highlights our success in Initial Teacher Training, Newly Qualified Teachers and Recently Qualified Teachers, preparing the next generation of teachers. Through these activities we believe our pupils benefit from the highest quality of teaching.

Recent training school  events have included:- 

  • NQT residential conference
  • Training for Foreign Language Assistants in Wigan
  • MFL NQT training for Wigan teachers
  • Workshop on accreditation for mentoring
  • Workshop for NQTs looking for further accreditation
  • CPD Wednesdays for all Cansfield staff